NGO CoM Delivered Statement at GFMD Consultations on Improving Migration Narratives

NGO CoM Delivered Statement at GFMD Consultations on Improving Migration Narratives

On 19 April 2023, the Chair of the NGO Committee on Migration (NGO CoM), Cecilie Kern, delivered a statement at the second round of consultations for the GFMD Government-Led Roundtable Teams. With the support of NGO CoM Vice-Chair, Christine Mangale, and the conveners of the Subcommittee on Xenophobia, Racism & Social Inclusion, Eva Richter and Rashmi Jaipal, Kern served as a thematic expert for Roundtable 5 on improving narratives about migrants and migration.

The statement calls on governments and stakeholders “to ensure that the language we use and the information we share about who migrants are, why they move, and what they contribute to their communities upholds the dignity and identities of migrants, strengthens social cohesion, and works to eliminate xenophobia and discrimination against people on the move.” 
Click here to read the full statement.

As we prepare for the GFMD Summit in early 2024, we are committed to dialogue and the sharing of practices in all 6 of the thematic roundtables: Climate Mobility, Rights, Diaspora, Labor Migration, Narratives, and Governance.

Gaps and Remedies: Xenophobia, Racism, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Countries that are diligently changing national laws are often not able to press for a consistent regulatory environment at the local level with sufficient outreach and training to encourage change. While we press for national awareness, real change hinges on on-the-ground, local level interventions to remedy the GCM implementation gaps.
The lessons learned from frontline realities in the war in Ukraine have been stark: it is clearly easier for societies to absorb similar-looking people, and the deep-seated fear of the ‘other’ comes out strongly during uncertainties, regardless of the rule of law

This blog, composed by the NGO Committee on Migration NGO and featured in the United Nations Network on Migration’s recent newsletter, identifies gaps and offers solutions to address instances of discrimination in migration management. 

CLICK HERE to read full article


Call to Action: Endorse appeal to stop stealing children’s lives

Child labor steals childhood, adolescence, and futures of millions of children and young people worldwide, including those in migration. It is an intolerable form of abuse and violation of their human rights.

The NGO Committee on Migration invites Member States, International Organizations, and NGOs to sign this appeal which will be directed as a call to action to all UN Member States in an effort to raise alarm and rally collaboration to put an immediate end to all forms of child labor.

The signed appeal can be used to support and create local advocacy initiatives to combat child labor.

Click here to sign the appeal.


It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of a beloved member of our committee, John Bingham. He died suddenly on Tuesday, 26 July 2022, at his home in Bercenay-en-Othe, France.

In this moment, we acknowledge the profound sadness of this loss. We remember John for the extraordinary person he was and the invaluable contributions he made, both to our committee and to the protection and advancement of the human rights of migrants.

John’s dedication to advocacy, combined with his immense intelligence and collaborative spirit inspired us all. He was a beacon of hope, a bright light, and a kind soul. We will miss his presence more than words can express.

An online memorial will be held in honor of John Bingham on 15 August 2022, at 9:00am (New York time). We invite you to join us, to collectively share the memories we cherish and celebrate his life.


If you wish to share photos, stories, and condolences, please visit the memorial website, where we invite you to post your tributes to John’s life and legacy.

For those who were unable to attend John’s wake and funeral mass, videos of both are now available (along with multiple articles and reflections) on the remembrance website set up by John’s family.

May we keep John’s legacy alive through our work, striving each and every day to advance the rights of migrants and refugees, advocating to create the more just world in which he so fervently believed.

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The mission of the NGO Committee on Migration (CoM) is to encourage the protection and promotion of migrants’ human rights in accordance with the United Nations Charter. As a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO), we are in consultative relationship with the United Nations. 

In the 2020-2022 term, the CoM is focusing on four areas, each of which is being addressed by a Subcommittee:

  • Migrants in Vulnerable Situations / Mixed Migration
  • Xenophobia, Racism & Social Inclusion
  • Climate-Induced Displacement
  • Children in Migration

Check out our Subcommittee pages to learn what work we are doing on each of these fronts.

To become a member, please CLICK HERE for an online membership form, or HERE for a printable form.

At the June monthly meeting of the NGO Committee on Migration, Eva Sandis presented the following remarks in advance of World Refugee Day (20 June). This year, the theme of World Refugee Day is the right to seek safety.

Read the remarks on World Refugee Day here

NGO Com IMRF Spotlight:  NGO Committee speaks to States at the UN General Assembly (UNGA)
1.  Ms. Cecilie Kern, NGO Committee Vice-Chair and representative of Mercy International Association spoke in Roundtable 3 of the IMRF at the UNGA Wednesday, May 18,  advocating for migrants’ access without fear to healthcare and other basic services, regularization of undocumented migrants, protection of labor rights and justice, mechanisms for migrant workers to recover unpaid wages from employers, and both a serious conversation—and structural action– by States, civil society, Mayors and the private sector working together on inequalities, racism and xenophobia.

  • Read the one-page statement here

2.  Ms. Christine Mangale, Member of the Executive Committee of the NGO Committee and representative of the Lutheran World Federation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, represented the NGO Committee in a statement submitted to the UNGA and shared directly with the 24 governments with whom the NGO Committee has met since March, plus another 76 by email, for reflection ahead of and within the Policy and General Debates of the IMRF at the UNGA Wednesday through Friday, May 18 – 20.
The statement presents 4 invitations for joint action by States, civil society and Mayors to implement what NGO Committee members believe are key provisions of the Global Compact for Migration, and related commitments in the Progress Declaration that UN Member States have negotiated in recent weeks and will adopt at the closing session of the IMRF Friday afternoon

  • Read the one-page statement here.

Unified civil society letter co-drafted by NGO Committee on Migration and global civil society Action Committee puts concerns about the current draft of IMRF Progress Declaration to all UN Member States April 29, 2022.

The letter expresses deep disappointment in relation to Rev 3 of the Progress Declaration. It calls for a reaffirmation of the GCM, acknowledging that detention is never in the best interest of the child, avoiding criminalization of migrants, and additional proposals for Rev 4.

Click here to read the full letter. We encourage you to share this document with your networks and contacts in Permanent Missions to the UN. 

Comparison of UN Member States’ draft REV2 of the IMRF Progress Declaration 

to Key Priorities of the NGO Committee on Migration + four Subcommittees

NGO Committee priorities in draft 2 IMRF Progress Declaration April 2022

Please click for a statement from the NGO COM Subcommittee on Xenophobia, Racism and Social Inclusion

Priorities and Practices for Solutions in the SDGs, the Global Compact for Migration, and the International Migration Review Forum in 2022 and Beyond

The Subcommittee on Xenophobia, Racism and Social Inclusion is looking for positive migrant stories! 

We aim to inspire dialogue and transformation through sharing positive narratives about migrants and their local communities. Together with with iTAC (It Takes a Community), a social media campaign of the Civil Society Mechanism of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), we seek to highlight the transformative power of migrant contributions to individual growth and community development as migrants overcome xenophobia and racism and gain recognition and acceptance. 

Reach out to your networks, gather these stories (you may be surprised yourselves by what they tell you!), and send them to  For more details, please click here *

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Children in Migration Matter

childreninmigrationmatterChildren in Migration Matter “is the picture of the situation of migrant families and their children in Elmhurst and Corona communities in Queens, NYC.

From the data, the urgent need is apparent for the implementation of Early Childhood Education and Care initiatives. If circulated among local authorities and law makers, this document would facilitate positive actions in this direction. Moreover, it could be proposed as a template for initiatives in other realities around the world.”

Click HERE to print the Children in Migration Matter booklet.    

Contact: or

 Recent News

Report on our latest survey of NGOs concerning xenophobia and racism. 

On July 8 the Subcommittee on Xenophobia, Racism and Social Inclusion launched a report based on our latest survey of NGOs concerning their efforts to serve migrant communities and help eradicate xenophobia and racism.

CLICK for the complete report.

Survey on Migrant and Refugee Victims of Xenophobia and Intolerance in the Context of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The NGO Committee on Migration is requesting responses to a survey prepared by the Subcommittee on Xenophobia and Social Inclusion to assess the impact COVID-19 has had on the migrant population in relation to xenophobia and social exclusion.

The survey is available here in English, Spanish, and French. Please send it out as widely as possible through your networks.

We are seeking replies from NGOs, academia, civil society institutions and United Nations entities in order to obtain as comprehensive data as possible on this essential grassroots work. Please consult the linked survey for an account of how we plan to use the data and publish the results.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. If you have any further questions, please contact

Joint Statement by the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee (IBC) and the UNESCO World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST)
English             French

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