New collaboration (with Georgetown University) for improved understanding of and protection of migrants

The NGO Committee on Migration is developing new partnerships/relationships with different projects coming out of Georgetown University.

Georgetown’s Institute for the Study of International Migration has produced and continues to develop the International Migrants Bill of Rights (IMBR), which intends to be a piece of international law establishing comprehensive protection of international migrants–something not before in existence but certainly needed.  The homepage of this project is here; the Principles here; and the full text here.

The Institute for the Study of International Migration also houses the Crisis Migration Project, which wants to understand better and be a source of data/knowledge on migration that springs from humanitarian crisis.  The Crisis Migration Project is open to inputs from members of the NGO Committee.  The Committee’s relationship with the Crisis Migration Project continues our engagement (and larger CS’s engagement) with “migrants in crisis” as an issue and area of advocacy/protection.  The Crisis Migration Project has also shared a thorough report on its activities in “Year One.”