CoM Documents

Documents and presentations created by the NGO Committee on Migration

CoM Reponse to the SRSG’s Issue Brief #2 in Preparation for the Second Thematic Consultation on the Global Compact on Migration (input to the 22-23 May 2017 session on drivers of migration, including climate change, natural disasters, and human-made crises)

CoM Response to the SRSG’s Issue Brief #1 in preparation for the first thematic session on the Global Compact on Migration (input to the 8-9 May 2017 session on xenophobia and social inclusion)

Debunking Myths to End Xenophobia: English, Spanish, French (2017 infographic)

Climate-Induced Displacement: How climate change and disaster are forcibly displacing people from their homes and what we can do about it (2017 brochure)

Positive Effects of Innovative Early Childhood Development Programs on Refugee Youth Resilience (2016)

NGO CoM Statement for International Human Rights Day (8 December 2015)

Providing Education and Care for Syria’s Littlest Refugees (2015)

Migrants in Crisis in Transit NGO Practitioner Survey Results (September 2015)

2014-15 Subcommittee Position Paper Booklet: Protecting Migrants at Sea, Unaccompanied Children at Borders, and Childhood in Refugee Camps (2015)

A Case for Migration in People-Centered Urbanization: Intervention by the NGO CoM at the First World Cities Day Celebration (31 October 2014)


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