Protection at Sea

The mission of this Subcommittee, convened 2014-2015, was to encourage the protection and empowerment of refugees, stateless persons, internally displaced persons, and mixed populations, and to advocate for their human rights in accordance with the United Nations Charter.

The group prepared for and supported the UNHCR High Commissioner’s Initiative on Protection at Sea in conjunction with the December 22014 UNHCR Dialogue on Protection Challenges. These preparations included the development of a position paper in collaboration with the International Catholic Migration Commission and the Migration and Development  Network (MADE). The paper was entitled Sea Change Seven: Civil Society Recommendations on Protection at Sea.

The group also participated in the preparation and submission of CoM proposals for inclusion in the 2015 annual UNHCR NGO Consultation and in visits to UN Permanent Missions to advocate for actions on behalf of refugees, Stateless persons, Internally Displaced persons, and mixed migration flows in emergencies and crises, especially in transit and in crisis crossing borders.

Resources on Protection of Migrants and Refugees at Sea