Refugee Subcommittee


The mission of the Refugee Subcommittee is to encourage the protection and empowerment of refugees, stateless persons, internally displaced persons, and mixed populations, and to advocate for their human rights in accordance with the United Nations Charter.

Coming Events

November 13, 2014
     Coming to Grips with Urgent Protection Issues.  Monthly Meeting of the NGO Committee on Migration 
(New York)

November 5, 2014
     Annual Report presented by Antonio Guterres  UN High Commissioner of Refugees  (UNHCR), to
 the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly (New York)

December 10-11
     Protection at Sea, UNHCR’s 2014 Dialogue on Protection Challenges (Geneva)

June 20, 2015
     Annual UN Commemoration of World Refugee Day (worldwide).

July 1-3, 2015
     Annual UNHCR-NGO Consultation (Geneva)

Activities/Projects ( Fall 2014 onwards)

Preparation for, and support of, the UNHCR High Commissioner’s Initiative on Protection at Sea in conjunction with the December UNHCR  Dialogue on Protection Challenges

Preparation and submission of NGO Committee on Migration proposals for inclusion in the 2015 annual UNHCR-NGO Consultation

Visits to UN Missions to advocate for actions on behalf of refugees, Stateless persons,  Internally Displaced persons, and mixed migration flows in emergencies and crises, especially  in transit ,crossing borders.

Documents:  (click link)

Convention and Protocol to the Status of Refugees  (1951 and 1967)

UN Conventions on Statelessness

Guidelines on Internally Displaced Persons