Summaries and Reports from Stocktaking Meetings for the Global Compact for Migration

After a year of regional, thematic, and multi-stakeholder consultations in preparation for the Global Compact for Migration, the co-facilitators of the Compact process held a “stocktaking meeting” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on 4-6 December 2017. This meeting was meant to serve as an opportunity for government and civil society delegates to reflect on the dialogues of the consultation phase and get a sense of each other’s positions as they approach the negotiation phase of the Compact. Prior to the government-sponsored meeting, the MADE Network and International Catholic Migration Commission convened a two-day meeting for civil society leaders in the Compact process to coordinate and strategize as a strong, united voice in support of upholding human rights of migrants in the Compact. A portion of this meeting was dedicated to informal dialogue with government representatives who had traveled to Puerto Vallarta for the government-sponsored meeting the next day.

The documents below offer a number of perspectives on the proceedings and outcomes of the government and civil society stocktaking meetings of 2-6 December 2017.

Report of the Chair of the Stocktaking Meeting

Report of MADE (Migration and Development Network) and the International Catholic Migration Commission

Report of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, representative of the CoM to the Civil Society Strategy and Stocktaking meeting

Report of Vivat International, member of the CoM