Children in Migration

Read and explore at the latest project of the NGO CoM Subcommittee on Children in Migration, Resource List: Protecting, Supporting, and Educating Children in Migration, Refugee, and Displacement Contexts Around the World. This living document highlights numerous resources for those who work with and for children and their families in various refugee, migration, and displacement contexts. It includes practical resources, materials, and activities, for parents, educators, host families, and communities; spotlights experience, initiatives, and research; and features additional resources for policy makers. Please share this resource list with your colleagues, partner organizations, and networks.

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Appeal to Protect Children and Families Forcibly Displaced from Ukraine

The CoM has regarded the protection of child migrants’ and refugees’ as a priority in its advocacy since its founding in 2007.

The mission of the Subcommittee on Migrant and Refugee Children is to ensure that children in the context of migration should be addressed as a holistic group and from a comprehensive human rights-based approach (on the basis on the best-interests determination procedure), notwithstanding the reasons for migration or the child’s immigration status, in accordance with the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). In the several year’s of the Subcommittee’s operation, it has adopted two areas of particular focus: the eradication of child detention and the universal provision of  the right to education for migrant and refugee children (Sustainable Development Goal 4), including early childhood education for those under 5 years of age (SDG 4.2). With these issues at the forefront, the Subcommittee is working to raise awareness on the protection needed by migrant and refugee parents, primarily women (SDG 5), to protect and educate their littlest children and to build a peaceful and inclusive society (SDG 16).

NEW Booklet on Children for the Processes to Adopt a Global Compact on Refugees and a Global Compact for Migration

CoM children booklet cover

The CoM Subcommittee on Migrant and Refugee Children collaborated with WorldVision and Caritas Internationalis in 2018 to develop a booklet of guidelines and good practices for the protection of migrant and refugee children’s human rights throughout their lifetime. The booklet offers specific references to source material on good practices in birth registration, education, health, and “firewalls” and cites specific paragraphs in the most current drafts of the Global Compacts on Refugees and for Migration that pertain directly to these core issues.

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Other Activities/Projects

  • Contribution to NGO Committee on Migration statements for inclusion in the 2016-2018 process for the development of the Global Compact for Safer, Orderly, and Regular Migration and the Global Compact on Refugee
  • Preparation for, and support of  the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights’ initiatives to protect the humanitarian access in situation of armed conflicts to give assistance to displaced children
  • Support of, the UNICEF 2014-2017 Strategic Plan “Realizing the rights of every child, especially the most disadvantaged”
  • Visits to UN Missions to influence policy-makers to adopt a child’s rights-based approach to migration into national legislation, plans, programs, policies and practices, and to empower children to secure their rights

CoM Position Papers and Statements on Migrant and Refugee Children

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