Unaccompanied Youth at Borders

In 2014-2015, the Subcommittee on Unaccompanied Youth at Borders collaborated with Georgetown University to survey practitioners within CoM’s member organizations regarding the experience of migrants in crisis in transit and at borders – both the barriers and good practices in the delivery of their human rights. The group undertook original research and a review of existing literature familiarize themselves with the experiences of various groups of migrants in their efforts to arrive at a destination country. Their survey included a review of historic efforts to either assist or to deny support to migrants, in transit or upon arrival; a gathering of information on the current movement to expand the understanding of those fleeing their own countries; and an assessment of the response of countries to migrants who do not fit traditional protections, conventions, and guidelines. The initiative placed a particular focus on youth who migrate by themselves.

The outcome of the research effort was a two-page position paper on unaccompanied children at borders, including recommendations for Member States, NGOs and other stakeholders. The relevant findings of their original research and survey of literature were then incorporated into the CoM’s communication and advocacy with stakeholders in various venues.

The Subcommittee also participated in work at the UN itself by:

  1. Attending events at the UN: i.e. General Assembly Second and Third Committees, side-events, and roundtable discussions.
  2. Reading Secretary General reports as well as reports of special representatives to the SG and rapporteurs to the Human Rights Council.