Unaccompanied Youth at Borders

Aims of the Sub-committee:


With the assistance of Georgetown University, we will survey practitioners of our organizations regarding the experience of migrants in crisis in transit and at borders – both the barriers and some good practices. (We need some translations – perhaps Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic to begin.)


We will aim:

  1. To familiarize ourselves with the parameters of various groups of migrants and their efforts to arrive at a destination country.
  2. To review historic efforts to either assist or to deny support, in transit or at entrance, to these migrants
  3. To gather information on the current movement to expand the understanding of those fleeing their own countries. To assess the response of countries (barriers and good practices) to migrants who do not fit traditional protections, conventions, and guidelines.
  4. To focus on international youth who migrate by themselves.
  5. To participate in work at the UN itself by:
  6. Attendance at events at the UN: i.e. General Assembly second and third committees, side events, and roundtables.
  7. Reading Secretary General reports as well as reports of special representatives to the SG and rapporteurs to the Human Rights Council.


  1. To create a two page position paper on Migrants in Crisis in Transit, including recommendations for Member States, NGOs and other stakeholders.
  2. To produce a power point presentation for the general public that will educate us all on the results of the research and relevant results of the survey.
  3. To use relevant findings of our work as part of the communication and advocacy with stakeholders in various venues.
  4. To create a bibliography using a variety of media regarding topics and issues of the sub-committee’s work.




Unaccompanied Children at Borders