GFMD 2016

The 2015 GFMD in Istanbul, Turkey framed migration as a positive influence on development and emphasized the contributions of migrants to their countries of origin and destination.

The theme for the 2016 GFMD was “Migration that Works for Sustainable Development for All: Towards a Transformative Migration Agenda.” It included workshops on the following topics:

Economics of migration and development

  • Roundtable 1.1. Lowering the costs of migration
  • Roundtable 1.2. Connectivity and migration (people to people contact)

Sociology of migration and development

  • Roundtable 2.1. Migration, diversity and harmonious societies
  • Roundtable 2.2 Protection of the human rights of migrants in all situations

Governance of migration and development

  • Roundtable 3.1 Migrants in situations of crises: conflict, climate change and disasters caused by natural hazards
  • Roundtable 3.2 Principles, processes, and institutions for safe, orderly, regular, and responsible migration

For more detailed analysis of the themes and details of the 2016 GFMD, see the concept note in English, Español, or Francais.